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Clean Eating Healthy Food
Gourmet meal plans made easy
Enjoy nutritionally balanced and macro counted meals, handcrafted by chefs and delivered fresh across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Al Ghadeer, and Ras Al Khaimah daily
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Clean Eating, No Sacrificing!

Each meal features natural and clean eating ingredients with no preservatives, added chemicals, or colorings. Avoid planning or cooking. Enjoy the convenience of nutritious and delicious meals delivered daily. Prevent chronic disease and diabetes with your healthy food choices.

Browse our meal plans to achieve your goals. All plans are loaded with fresh locally-sourced vegetables.

This plan includes dairy, meat and seafood. Gluten free Details

Weight Loss
This plan includes meat and seafood. Gluten & dairy free. Details

This plan includes meat, seafood, dairy, grains, pulses and legumes. Details

This plan includes eggs, meat and seafood. Gluten & dairy free. Details

Option for strictly vegan or including dairy & eggs. Details

This plan includes eggs, meat, seafood, gluten and dairy. Details

Basiligo Cold-Pressed
Juice Plans
Raw juice detox and cleansing. Details

Executive Lunch
This plan includes snack, lunch and cold-pressed juice. Includes meat, seafood and dairy. Details

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“Basiligo was one of the smartest choices I ever made. The food is delicious, and the portions are sufficient. They also send these beautiful gifts with hand written cards every now and then which felt nice. Rawda the nutritionist is one of the most knowledgeable and talented people I ever met. She goes out of her way every time and so attentive. She helped me reach to my dream body. I owe her.“ K.A.
"I have been on Basiligo’s paleo plan for about 3 weeks now and absolutely love it. The food is delicious, the deliveries are frequent and the results are great. The best part about it all is Basiligo has wonderful and quick customer service - they really care about your meals. Definitely recommend." M.A.
“I was searching for a good meal preparation companies. I have tried couple but wasn't satisfied. Till i have tried Basiligo, i really loved it and the menu is different each time which i like. They give you the right portion according to what you should have. I highly recommend Basiligo. Thanks Basiligo." A.A.
“Thank you for all the amazing dinners you deliver each week to my house. Saves me from cooking after a long day at work, and I know I will get something filling and healthy.“ Reem A.
“I’m addicted to your paleo gluten free blueberry muffins. Thank you for having fresh ones every day at your store!“ Claire T.
“ I’ve been a loyal customer of Basiligo since the beginning. Always a life saver for my healthy lunch. Tastes amazing and compliments my workout program.“ Ahmed S.
“Basiligo is my life saver. I lost 9 kg over two months on their delicious meal plans. Was so easy and so many different dishes, I never felt hungry!“ Mariam A.
“Your turmeric latte is so warming and healing. Thank you for your team’s creative new products.“ Ayesha A.
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All plans are gluten free, no 
added sugars, and no preservatives

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