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For some, biological factors impact the ability to lose weight. Taking weight loss drugs, such as Ozempic,  Munjaro or any other semaglutide drug maybe the best solution for them. 

We do not supply the drug, however we understand that eating a well-balanced diet emphasizing high fiber vegetables and high protein is critical to a sustainable and long term weight loss journey. Our Weight Loss Meds Meal Plan ensures setting you up for healthy eating habits while losing the weight and even after you are off the medication. Made with high protein to help prevent "Ozempic face" by maintaining muscle strength.

Compliments taking Ozempic, Munjaro, Wegovy, and Rybelsus
High protein low-carb diet providing energy and nutrition
Avoid muscle loss with high-protein meals
Sustainable weight loss even after you go off the medication.
Avoid weight gain post-weight loss medications
Changing diet & lifestyle habits
Helping with type 2 diabetes as its gluten free and low carb diet.
Reduce constipation with high fiber meals
Minimize vomiting and nausea by selecting the meals you feel like eating

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Minimum 2 main meals to be selected

Total: Dhs. 67,500.00 AED (VAT Included)

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