Delivering sustainable solutions everyday

Healthy ingredients go a long way, but we go the extra mile to make sure we do our share in protecting the environment. We know how devoted you are to making a change. Yes, we heard you and we stand by you. That’s why we thought of joining the ‘small changes, big impact’ movement by doing our bit. All our packaging materials are biodegradable. We all move in one direction as Basiligo family – to make sustainability accessible. To make that happen, we design meal plans for convenience and choose eco-friendly meal kits for sustainability. Are you with us in this?

Eco-friendly cooler bag

Our cooler bags are made of breathable fabric material and are 100% recyclable. They are specifically designed for easy loading and unloading. Our eco-friendly cooler bags are trustworthy carriers of your juice bottles and food. They are washed and sanitized after every delivery for your safety. We continue to reuse the bags after careful sanitizing, in order to reduce single use waste.

Reusable ice packs

Our ice packs are filled with cellulose gum – derived from plants/trees which is the most abundant organic compound on earth. And of course, it is PVC, BPA and Phlalate-free. Made from a non-toxic food-safe gel, our ice packs are reusable and versatile. Simply rinse, sanitize, freeze, reuse again and again.

What are they made of?
  • Filled with cellulose gum - Non-toxic food-safe gum
  • PVC, BPA and phthalate free

Fresh Food Containers & Labels

Our non-toxic food containers are produced from Kraft pulp. They are microwave and oven safe and recyclable. It carries much better environmental credentials than any other common plastic trays seen in the market today. Some containers in order to waterproof them have a clear sealing film made of gelatin that is internationally recognized as safe food packaging.

What are they made of?
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable Kraft paper food containers. Can be used in microwaves or chilled.
  • Lids for all containers are made of PP to ensure freshness longer and no spillage.
  • Labels and sleeves made with 100% recycled paper and eco-friendly ink.

Disposable cutlery

From straws to forks, we provide free biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cutleries to accelerate the right kind of change in the food sector. Made from certified wood, our cutleries are carbon neutral and compostable. They offer great strength and stiffness, which you can use to even eat your steak, without breaking the knife and fork.

What are they made of?
  • 100% certified birchwood
  • They are biodegradable and will not pollute the environment

Daily paper menu

We use single-use menus in an eco-conscious way. About 50% of production energy is saved by making this shift to recycled paper. Our paper menus have the highest ecological standard that reflects our eco-friendly ideology.

What are they made of?
  • Sustainable papers made from alternate fibers – quick-growing, low-impact plants.
  • Digital printing where biodegradable toner is used.

Juice bottles & lids

We give you the opportunity to move away from the disposable concept and think more about long-lasting reusability. Our labels use an eco-friendly adhesive, making them easily removable in the recycling stream.

What are they made of?
  • Our bottles contain NO virgin plastic and are BPA-free. They are made from 90% Recycled PET

For a better tomorrow

We operate out of a sustainable kitchen, prioritize minimizing waste by cooking to order, and use recyclable and biodegradable packaging techniques, reducing our plastic consumption by 92%!

Enjoy a more sustainable eating solution without any hassle!