Who we are

About Us

Basiligo is the cornerstone of Be Healthy. A group of companies focused to deliver healthy food & beverage solutions to the community with our international culinary team, in-house developed FoodTech software platforms and UAE nationwide food delivery from our state-of-the-art dark kitchens in the United Arab Emirates.

Our business is making delicious and easy healthy food to help our community reach their health goals.

What we are solving

Putting a home cooked and healthy meal on the table three times a day is difficult, expensive, and time consuming. We solve the hardest part - giving healthy ready-to-eat meals that is customized for them and their health goals.

How we are different

A hand-holding approach through personalized nutrition plans to help people reach their health goals - whether losing weight or recovering from a chronic illness . We are solving the issue of having a sustainable and long term healthy lifestyle by providing flexibility in plans, cuisines, and budgets. Our focus is on bio-individuality to find the matching food plan for each client to optimize their health, since there is no one size fits all solution.

Why it’s important

Ensuring our bio-individuality is catered to is critical to a healthy mind and body. Access to a ready-to-eat meal plan ensures people have a healthy lifestyle and avoid chronic diseases without having to be bogged down in the details of cooking, groceries, and calorie counting. Having ourselves and loved ones around for long, healthy lifetimes with good quality of life is a pillar of life, our community, and health care system.

CEO Be Healthy Wellness Brands