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Healthy Family Meals

Healthy family meals prepped, delivered fresh and ready to eat offer a convenient and nutritious way to enjoy meals without the hassle of shopping, prepping, and cooking.

Healthy family meals are made with fresh and nutritious ingredients. No preservatives or additives are added, so you can be sure that you are getting the healthiest meals possible. The meals are designed to provide balanced nutrition with various flavors and textures, so even picky eaters are sure to find something they like.

These prepared meals also come ready to eat. All you have to do is heat them up and enjoy. This makes it easy to quickly enjoy a nutritious meal without waiting hours.

Healthy family meals can be delivered directly to your door. Plus, the delivery can be scheduled to arrive at a time that is convenient for you, so you can enjoy the meal when you want it.

Home Catering Service

Customized catering for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner with your loved ones. Providing a wide range and bespoke selection of canapés, bites and colorful, beautiful healthy salads.

If you have serving plates you would like them on to match your decor, we will collect and plate within your dishes.

Corporate Catering Service

We cater to companies across Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Our service is drop-off catering from 10 to 600 people.

Offering healthy group style menus for board meetings, corporate events, healthy snack bars.

Group Desktop Lunches

Group desktop lunches are also available for your team. Often team members struggle with healthy lunches.

We coordinate with your team to provide a customized rotating menu with their selected daily lunches and snacks delivered just before lunch time.

Perfect way to manage their energy levels throughout the day and keep an eye on their health to prevent unhealthy snacking.

Brown Bag Lunches

Perfect for large scale corporate events or children’s birthday parties. We provide your preferred combination of a healthy lunch, cold-pressed juice, dessert and nutritious snack within an eco-friendly kraft brown bag. Menus are customized to your event.

Ramadan Biryani Iftar Boxes

For Distribution l Pre-orders only l Minimum order 20 boxes l Available for Abu Dhabi Only l More than 100 for other Emirates l

Ramadan Iftar Food Boxes are a great way to break the fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Designed specially for distribution among a large gathering.

This special food box includes a delicious chicken biryani, laban, water, dates, fruit, and juice. Biryani is a tasty and traditional dish made with rice, spices, and chicken. The laban is a yogurt-based drink with a refreshing flavor. Water is included to replenish lost fluids during fasting. Dates & fruit are known to provide energy and are the traditional way to break the fast. Juice is also included to add flavor and sweetness to the meal. All of these items together make a complete and nutritious meal that can be shared at to end the day’s fast.

Pre-orders accepting now!