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Diabetes Meal Plan

Are you struggling with what to eat in order not to spike your blood sugar and want to lose weight? We will make a diabetic meal plan simple and yummy for you. The healthiest foods in moderate amounts and nutritious options to suit everyone’s tastes – from Mediterranean cuisine to international entrees. All the dishes are dietitian-approved.

Build My Meal Plan

Solutions for your

Diabetes Unlocked

  • 01

    Calorie controlled & low carb program

  • 02

    Heart-healthy — controlled for sodium, carbs, fat and cholesterol

  • 03

    Low GI, high fiber helps to reduce the blood glucose level, and no added sugar

  • 04

    Variety of delicious portion controlled meals & customizable for your dislikes

Build your healthy meal plan

Choose your meal
How many meals a day?
Which days of the week?
Length of Program
Wellness Journey
Eco-friendly cooler bag
  • *Bag Deposit is Mandatory. Plan will not start or be cancelled if there is no deposit kept.

Choose Date and Time
*48 hour pre-order required
Select Delivery Slot
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Monthly 24 days (Weekdays Only)
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Minimum 2 main meals to be selected

Total: Dhs. 84,200.00 AED (VAT Included)
After checkout, you will select all your personalized dishes
to your taste preferences with our team assistance.

Minimum 2 main meals to be selected

Total: Dhs. 84,200.00 AED (VAT Included)

How it works?

Step 1

Build your meal plan

  • Select food you love that helps you reach your wellness goals.
  • Curate your calorie and macros balanced menu during your free nutritionist consultation.
Step 2

Schedule delivery

  • Right on time across the UAE.
  • Pick a date, we will make it happen.
Step 3

Prepared by
international chefs

  • Approved by Nutritionists.
  • Cooked and prepared to your needs.
Step 4

Delivered fresh in sustainable packaging

  • Eco-friendly cooler bag & kraft containers.
  • Delivered directly to your door.

Sample Menu

After signing up, you can select your meals. Manage your meals on your online dashboard. Select from a huge variety of healthy dishes and opt out for any that you do not like throughout your plan.

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Each meal plan is engineered to fit your unique dietary needs through your free nutritionist consultation.


When is the earliest I can start? Can I start tomorrow?
What if I do not like the dishes?
Can I cancel anytime?
How much weight can I expect to lose?
Are there any symptoms from the rapid weight loss?
How will our nutritionist help you?
What if I cheat on the program?
Where do you deliver and what would be the timings?
Are the meal plans proven?
What if I still feel hungry while on the plan?
How are our meals prepared?