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One Dish-a-Day Meal Plan

Designed for you - the healthy eater. Maintain you healthy lifestyle. Single meals delivered fresh everyday to your doorstep. We make it easy for you to eat healthy when you are crazy busy at work.

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Your Healthy Meal Plan Explained

One-main-meal everyday
Choose any diet protocal - keto, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, paleo
Add a dessert, cold press juice or bone broth to your plan
Disposable & recyclable packaging
Ready-to-eat meals - just heat and enjoy!
Delivered chilled to your doorstep across the UAE daily
Clean eating - NO preservatives, coloring, additives or msg

Why choose our

One Dish-a-Day Mean Plans?

  • 01

    Perfect to ensure you eat healthily during your office hours.

  • 02

    Perfect to supplement your diet with nutritious and tasty options.

  • 03

    Perfect for balancing your current diet protocol.

  • 04

    Perfect for those who cook for their families in the evening but need something healthy for lunch without the hassle.

  • 05

    Perfect for those who would like to ease into a new food protocol, curious to try keto or vegan lifestyle?

  • 06

    Choose from our selections fo any type of meal plan.

Sample Menu

After signing up, you can select your meals. Manage your meals on your online dashboard. Select from a huge variety of healthy dishes and opt out for any that you do not like throughout your plan.

Build your healthy meal plan

Choose your meal
How many meals a day?
Which Diet Protocol?
Which days of the week?
Length of Program
Choose Date and Time
*48 hour pre-order required
Select Delivery Slot
Monthly 24 days (Weekdays Only)
Included 5% Limited Time Offer discount
You saved Dhs. 16.00 AED on this order

Minimum 1 main meals to be selected

Total: Dhs. 30,400.00 AED (VAT Included)
After checkout, you will select all your personalized dishes
to your taste preferences with our team assistance.

Minimum 1 main meals to be selected

Total: Dhs. 30,400.00 AED (VAT Included)

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Manage your meals on
your online wellness dashboard

Customize your meal plan on the go with our state-of-art meal plan online portal. Keep track of your macros, your fitness levels, and connect to your favorite health app. Tired of the same flavors and meals, then swap out to your favorite dishes. Exclusive to meal plan subscribers only.

Build My Meal Plan

Overwhelmed with where to start?

Still confused?
Not sure which meal plan to choose?

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Healthy Extras

BMI Calculator
Dhs. 35.00 AED


When is the earliest I can start? Can I start tomorrow?
What if I do not like the dishes?
Can I cancel anytime?
How much weight can I expect to lose?
Are there any symptoms from the rapid weight loss?
How will our nutritionist help you?
What if I cheat on the program?
Where do you deliver and what would be the timings?
Are the meal plans proven?
What if I still feel hungry while on the plan?
How are our meals prepared?