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Achieve your weight loss goals by tracking your body's response to Basiligo’s curated meals on the Ultrahuman M1 Live continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and make smart and data-backed lifestyle changes under the guidance of your personal nutritionist.

Achieve your weight loss goals by tracking your body's response to Basiligo’s curated meals on the Ultrahuman M1 and make huge lifestyle changes under the guidance of your personal nutritionist.

What is the Ultrahuman M1 Live?

The Ultrahuman M1 Live is a continuous glucose tracker that helps you understand more about your body’s metabolic patterns (therefore, metabolic health) through glucose levels and how food and physical activity affect it.

These rich insights along with the platform’s personalized AI-driven nudges, access to performance coaches, and unique software features (e.g. fuelling zones, vectors), helps users make the right lifestyle decisions for them and to improve their metabolic fitness levels over time.

Elevate your health with Ultrahuman and Basiligo Meal Plans

Do you want to take control of your health and simplify mealtime? Ultrahuman and Basiligo meal plans have teamed up to bring you the ultimate health solution. Ultrahuman M1 provides real-time glucose monitoring, so you can see how food affects your glucose levels and make informed decisions. Basiligo offers healthy, convenient meal options to help you reach your health goals.

Our nutritionist tweaks your menu based on what your glucose levels are. The ultimate medically-backed and personalized food prescription.

Why do I need to measure my glucose levels?

Tracking your sugar levels empowers you to control them in a safe range to prevent chronic illness, and adjust the food you eat and your activity level to keep it in control. You can better understand the impact of different foods on your sugar levels.

Prolonged exposure over years of high blood sugar leads to diabetes, heart disease, PCOS, infertility, gut inflammation, amputations, eye damage, kidney disease, digestive system problems, and many more medical conditions. Not to mention that it helps lose all that stubborn fat.

How will it work?

Day 1 to 7

Measure your metabolic health with Ultrahuman M1 Live.
We will monitor your charts and our nutritionist will suggest the right meal plan for you and understand which foods spike your sugar levels and how you can optimize it. You will be surprised!

From Day 8 onwards

Your meal plan is specially curated for you and monitor your levels to ensure they are stabilized. We will utilize the insights from Ultrahuman M1 Live to customize your meal plans unique to your genetics and gut microbiome.

Ultrahuman M1 Live &
Basiligo Meal Plans

Ultrahuman M1 live monthly / for 1 month + Basiligo Clean Eating Monthly Meal Plan

20 days, Breakfast, 2 Snacks, Lunch, Dinner

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