What Does "Healthy Dessert" Really Mean? How To Ensure You're Consuming Safe Sweet Treats

by Elloww Team

Keeping our diets as healthy as possible is a priority for so many of us. Whether you follow a keto plan or you are simply trying to reduce your sugar intake, it can feel like a challenge.

Dessert can be a real hurdle in our healthy eating plans. We all want to enjoy a sweet treat without sabotaging our healthy eating. Is this even possible? And what exactly makes a healthy dessert?

The downsides of “cheat days”

If you are on your own diet plan, then it can be tempting to have “cheat days” for something like a birthday cake or other dessert. However, these days off from your diet plan can leave you feeling bloated and unhealthy, and it's much harder to get back onto your meal plan when the celebration is over.

What makes a healthy dessert?

For a dessert to be truly healthy, it needs to fulfill certain requirements. As well as being delicious, the dessert will need to be low in carbs to appeal to a range of diets. It should also have a low sugar content and not cause sugar spikes. A great healthy dessert should also keep insulin stable.

How can you make a healthy dessert?

You may be wondering how it is possible to make a healthy dessert. One of the main ways in which a healthy dessert is made is by replacing the traditional ingredients, which are full of refined sugars. Flour is replaced with healthier almond flour and sugar is replaced with natural vanilla and honey. These changes make for a much healthier dessert.

Why choose a healthy dessert?

A healthy dessert will fit into your diet, whether that is keto, paleo, or just low in sugar. It allows you to enjoy a real treat without breaking the plan you are on, keeping you feeling your best, and actually integrates into a healthier lifestyle. 

Consuming such healthy desserts also stops the psychological pattern of feeling like you’re cheating on your meal plan, or consuming something that isn’t good for your body. Plus, it helps you avoid getting bloated or feeling discomfort in your body after an otherwise unhealthy “binge”. 

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