Make This Ramadan Count With the Basiligo Ramadan Meal Plan

by Elloww Team

We all know that Ramadan is a very important time of the year. While Ramadan is an important act of worship that can help us become more compassionate towards those in need, it can also help us to reach our personal goals.

Make the most of Ramadan by using it to help keep you healthy and thriving. Read on to discover how!

Ramadan and intermittent fasting

Whether for religious reasons or purely for health benefits, fasting is something that many people choose to do. This is when you do not eat for an assigned period of time, only to break your fast during a set period of the day.

The upsides of fasting

Intermittent fasting for any reason is proven to have some incredible benefits for both your short and long term health. It can, of course, help you to lose weight, and makes you more conscious of what you eat overall. Fasting for eighteen hours at once can even help to reduce the risks of certain diseases, and improve your cholesterol.

The downside of fasting

Of course, fasting improperly can cause ill effects. If you do not nourish your body suitably while breaking fast, you may feel lethargic and struggle with digestive issues. It is also possible that, should you binge at the end of your fast, any weight loss benefits will be lost. You may even gain weight!

Making it work for you

There is no need to turn away from fasting, though! You can make intermittent fasting work for you by planning ahead so that you can feel great and maintain the weight loss results you achieve. It is all about making sure you are breaking your fast with the right kinds of food, both during and after Ramadan has passed.

Successful fasting with Basiligo

If you want to fast well in a way that fits into your busy life, our Ramadan meal plan can help you to achieve great results and allow you to focus on the important parts of this season. Providing you with a healthy meal to suit your diet, the Ramadan meal plan won’t spoil your success but will provide a delicious way to break your fast and keep your body nourished.

The Basiligo Ramadan meal plan is available in a Keto protocol and a healthy balanced weight-loss protocol.

For more details and to view our specialty Ramadan meal plans that are delivered across the UAE, click here.