The National Newspaper: 12 healthy meal delivery plans in the UAE: from Basiligo to Right Bite

by Elloww Team

For those who don't have time to plan out their meals, Basiligo is a good option that caters to all dietary needs, with no added sugars and preservatives. Using healthy, fresh ingredients, their meal plans cover everything from keto to vegan diets and weight loss options or those for athletes.

You're able to choose your meal plans the week ahead and you have plenty of choices. For example, even though the weight loss plan is based on a restricted calorie count, the food is tasty, so it doesn't take long before your body adjusts to taking in less calories as it's still nutritious and filling.

Best for: Anyone who is looking for clean, healthy food but doesn't have time to cook their own.

Price and delivery: Monthly meal plans range from Dh2,560 to Dh3,600 for five days a week that include breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

Available in Abu Dhabi and Dubai; Read More.