How to eat keto in Dubai - top tips to stay in ketosis, even when out and about

by Elloww Team

If you've chosen a keto diet and you live in Dubai, there are a number of options for you, it just takes a bit of effort to get and stay in a state of ketosis. With the hot climate, high-fat foods might seem unappetising, but in fact, a low carb diet can help you to feel less bloated and uncomfortable. We know eating keto might seem like a challenge with luxury restaurants and sumptuous dishes everywhere, but once you've got comfortable with your keto diet plan, eating out can become far simpler.

Healthy swaps

There are always going to be new opportunities to eat out in Dubai, so one of the best tips to stay keto is to switch and ditch ingredients that don't suit your diet plan. Ask for your burger without the bun and fries, and replace it with salad or spinach. If your meal comes with potatoes or rice, ask for steamed vegetables instead. Most restaurants will be happy to accommodate your requests, but just in case, it's worth having a few pre-prepared keto meals at home as a backup.

Keto snacks on the go

If you like to snack, there are loads of healthy options that fit perfectly into a keto meal plan. In fact, Basiligo's keto meal plan includes a selection of nutritious snacks like paprika vanilla cashews, cheddar cheese crisps and roasted nuts, which are perfect for taking with you around Dubai. We even have delicious keto-friendly healthy desserts and birthday cakes!

Order keto today

At Basiligo, our professional chefs prepare a wide range of healthy, balanced meals designed especially for a keto diet that can be delivered directly to you in Dubai. With a number of options, including scrambled eggs with halloumi cheese, kung pao chicken with chilli sauce and Persian lamb with roasted okra, you can enjoy restaurant-quality keto food wherever you are. Start your Keto meal plan in Dubai today!