How to choose healthier dessert options

by Elloww Team

Let's be honest. Dessert is one of the best parts of eating! Whether we're talking cakes, cookies, or any other sweet option, it's easy to both overindulge and accidentally encourage your family and children to do the same.

However, it's really easy to learn which ingredients make sweet treats a poor choice. Let's go through some of the main offenders in desserts that make them unhealthy:

Saturated fat

While there are individual saturated fatty acids that are essential to the body, a lot of saturated fat can still influence the body's total blood and artery-clogging LDL cholesterol. Traditional desserts tend to be high in saturated fat because of all the shortening, egg yolks, butter, high-fat dairy, and milk chocolate used to make them.

Refined Sugar

High amounts of added sugar increase blood sugar levels, and frequent consumption can raise your risk of metabolic disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Added sugars in desserts can be found in the form of white sugar and corn syrup.

Here are a few changes that you can make to help you switch to healthier options.

Try to choose a dessert that is low in saturated fat and is free from refined sugar. Here are some substitute options for you to keep in mind:

Cow's milk. Substitute for almond or coconut milk.

Butter/shortening. Swap for vegan butter, Greek yogurt, coconut oil, avocado, pureed pumpkin, or a nut butter such as peanut or almond.

Egg. There are plentiful options for egg substitutes. Try banana, peanut butter or applesauce.

Refined Sugar. Opt for a dessert that uses applesauce, mashed banana, or another mashed fruit instead of refined sugar. Honey is also considered an added sugar, but it has health qualities not found in cane sugar, making it a better choice. One of our favorites is monkfruit sweetener that has zero calories or carbs and does not raise blood sugar levels.


Knowing more about what goes into common desserts and why they make a poor dietary choice, can help you learn how to choose healthy options and even make quick swaps in dessert recipes. 

By making these small changes not only will your body thank you, but you will feel better about serving treats to your loved ones.


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