3 tips to get back on track after the holiday season

by Elloww Team

The holiday season is always a time of relaxation and indulgence - which is great for our mental health, but holiday weight gain is less positive for our physical health. Getting back on track after the holiday season doesn't have to be difficult though. Here are a few simple ways in which you can lose weight, gain more confidence, and feel generally more healthy and happy.


Plan Your Meals


Half the problem with weight gain from food is that people don't plan ahead with their meals, so once hunger strikes, they find themselves snacking on whatever they've got to hand or ordering a takeaway. It's important to think what you'd like for the week to ensure you've got all the ingredients ordered in, and a clear idea of something healthy to make when hungry. 


Consider What Time Of Day You're Eating


It is widely known that eating too late at night can be the cause of weight gain. Depending on the type of diet you follow, sometimes there are specific time windows in which you should eat in order to meet their criteria. Whatever you do though, don't let yourself get to the point of becoming too hungry and therefore snacking. Look to eat within an hour of waking up if possible, and then every two hours beyond that with nutrient-dense foods that will give you long-term energy and sustenance.


Track Your Eating


Many people put on weight because they don't realize the sheer amount of food that they're eating, or the calories that this contains. There are numerous apps available, both for free and as paid versions, that allow you to track your eating. Some even have the capacity for you to scan the barcodes of your food in to get an exact match against the type of product you're eating. 


If you notice you lose pounds when eating specific types of meals, this will help you know what to continue eating as you get back on track. Commit to logging your meals for at least two weeks, and ideally longer, to get an accurate picture.


If you're looking to conquer your holiday weight gain with organized meal plans, Basiligo can help, with ready-made meal plans based around a range of diets. Contact us to find out more.