Why Consistency Is More Helpful For Weight Loss Than Perfection

by Elloww Team

Are you always aiming for perfection? As human beings, we tend towards wanting to perform flawlessly in all areas. If you have started a health and wellness routine to lose weight, then one slip up can feel disastrous.

But is perfection really that important? Or is it just holding us back from consistent weight loss?

The pitfalls of perfection

If you have a mindset that you cannot take a break from your healthy diet, even for a birthday party or other special occasion, and you happen to slip up and eat food that isn’t “on plan”, you may decide it isn’t worth trying again. This can undo all the progress you have made.


Be kinder to yourself

It is inevitable that we cannot always be perfect. There will always be days when it’s easier to not stick to your plan. However, it is important to be kinder to yourself when this happens. The most important thing is that you don’t let it ruin all your hard work up until this point. And putting food entirely off-limits is only ever going to make it seem more appealing!


Get back on track

After any “imperfect” moment, you need to pick yourself up and get back on target again. This means that your next meal should be on your plan and that you don’t beat yourself up. One or two slip-ups are going to happen, and they will not hurt your progress as long as you don’t let this become your new habit.


The importance of consistency

Being consistent is far more vital to your success than being perfect. The perks of consistency are that your healthy diet will feel like second nature. Not only that, but you will begin to want the foods that are good for your body naturally, instead of feeling like you are depriving yourself. 

Eating right long-term is also a lot more beneficial to losing and maintaining weight than going on a crash diet for just a few weeks. The cycle of yo-yo dieting is one of the main reasons people struggle with keeping weight off once they have initially lost it. 


Make it easier

Are you finding it hard to stick to your diet plan? It can be challenging to come up with tasty meals and snacks that help you to keep up the consistency you want without punishing you for not being perfect. With Basiligo, meal planning is made easy and each delicious bite helps you to achieve your goals with consistent weight loss.


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