Struggling To Cut Out Refined Sugar From Your Morning Coffee? Read This

by Elloww Team

Many of us start our day with a cup of hot coffee. It can give us an energy boost and a little moment to ourselves before we head out into the world.

But if you are aiming for a healthier lifestyle, you may want to consider cutting refined sugar out of your daily cup of coffee.

Why cut out refined sugar?

Adding processed sugar to your coffee can add up to consuming more caloric content than you intend to. It can also end up leading to many of the health concerns linked to excessive sugar consumption. Not to mention causing sugar highs and crashes that leave you feeling exhausted.

Cut down slowly

If cutting out refined sugar entirely seems a little scary, then try cutting down first. Do you usually add two teaspoons of white stuff to your cup? Try to cut down to one spoon for a week, and then go down to half a teaspoon.

Replace with an alternative

If cutting out sugar completely sounds daunting, the next best option is to replace your sugar with a healthier alternative. Try reaching for a natural alternative, such as stevia, or monk fruit (a Basiligo favorite!) which gives you the same sweet kick without the ill effects of refined sugar. These sugar replacements are low on carbs, calories, and help you maintain stable insulin levels without any huge spikes or crashes. 

Benefits of cutting out sugar

There are some incredible benefits to cutting out refined sugar from your coffee, and it can create a significant impact on your health and your weight. Cutting out refined sugar reduces inflammation within the body, which helps keep disease at bay. Plus, once you cut out refined sugar, you’ll notice having better energy levels and more mental clarity and focus. 

At Basiligo, we believe in holistic wellness and consuming foods that are good for your body - with smart alternatives, you can enjoy your favorite daily staples without missing out on flavor!

If you’re looking for other sweet treats that you can enjoy guilt-free, you might want to check out B Sweet by Basiligo, where we’ve got a range of good-for-you healthy desserts that are all free of refined sugar.