Pink organic coconut water! New beverages launched!

by Elloww Team

That’s wild! Pink coconut water? But how you ask? The coconut water is pink because it is not chemically treated.

According to the FAO research from the United Nations, the turning pink of the coconut water is due to phenolic-antioxidant compounds that naturally occur in plants: these phenolic-antioxidant compounds are reacting with the enzymes of the coconut water.

Different varieties of coconuts contain different levels of phenolic-antioxidant compounds. The Fragrant variety of the Thai coconuts that are used for this coconut water is particularly rich as far as these organic antioxidants compounds are concerned.

The young Thai coconuts (with soft or jelly like meat) that are harvested during the low season have lower sugar levels than those harvested in the high season. We’ve all heard about all the beautiful benefits of coconut water but in case you would like to read a little more why it is so fabulous for us to drink

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