by Elloww Team

“Weqaya” comes from the Arabic word meaning “Prevention”. It is a preventative programme o­ered by the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi at licensed healthcare centres to all U.A.E. nationals holding a Thiqa insurance card, aged 18 years and above.

The Health Authority Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, has launched the “Weqaya’ (Protection) program which aims to increase public awareness about food options from restaurants’ menus and food stores. Health Authority – Abu Dhabi conducted a questionnaire in one of the participating restaurant that included 124 customers. 71% of the participants stated in the questionnaire that they are keen to pick up healthy food from the menu.

The Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD) has launched a set of initiatives under its ‘Weqaya – Healthy Nutrition’ programme to highlight the importance of healthy food as an essential element in achieving general health, wellness and disease-prevention. HAAD will implement a variety of events, activities and competitions to improve public knowledge about healthy food and how it is prepared by collaborating with chefs and food supply companies to provide the public with healthy food prep tutorials and training sessions.

We are glad to inform all our customers that we are part of Weqaya food outlets

Labelling Healthy Food with Weqaya Logo