5 reasons you should pick keto desserts... even if you are NOT on a keto diet

by Elloww Team

One of the downsides to any healthy diet is the lack of desserts. Most of us call them a treat and spend time worrying about how a slice of cake will translate to our hips. But it's 2020 and there's a compromise out there for most things. Desserts are no different. Allow us to introduce your new best friend: keto desserts. 

It doesn't matter that you're not on the keto diet, and don't assume low sugar means low taste either. Here are 5 reasons you should make keto desserts part of your healthy diet: 

1) They won’t elevate your blood sugar levels

People watching their blood sugar need to manage their carbohydrate intake because carbs turn into glucose which, in large quantities, can cause spikes. Keto desserts are perfect since they won’t elevate blood sugar levels, unlike regular sugar-laden desserts. 

2) You'll feel fuller for longer

All carbs are not created equally. Complex carbs, such as whole grains, pack in more fibre and nutrients than simple carbs such as table sugar. Keto desserts made with complex carbs will keep you filled up for longer than regular desserts, so they're better for you. Who knew!

3) They help to decrease inflammation

Chronic inflammation may contribute to inflammatory diseases, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. But studies have shown following a low-carb diet can decrease inflammation markers, meaning keto desserts can be beneficial if you suffer from inflammation.

4) They help maintain a healthy weight

There are lots of articles about weight loss and keto - this isn't one of them. Instead, let's talk about how delicious keto desserts can help you maintain a healthy weight. By eating keto desserts as part of a sensible diet, you'll curb those urges to binge on sugary sweets and help maintain a healthy weight. 

5) You won't have to miss out

Mental health is just as important as physical health, so you need to live in the moment and enjoy life. It's true we need to eat a sensible diet, but we don't need to forgo dessert and watch while everybody else eats it. We can join in too with keto desserts. 

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