5 healthy grocery swaps in 2021 (for delicious guilt-free meals!)

by Elloww Team

After an indulgent holiday season, many are now looking towards their grocery shopping as a quick and easy way to get their health back on track. No one wants to compromise on the flavour and quality of their ingredients though, so ensuring healthy groceries are also delicious is of key importance. 


Many are making quick and easy swaps to ensure they are sticking to guilt-free, natural and clean meals that are also packed with flavour. The question is though, where do you start?



If you are accustomed to putting sugar or sweetener in your food, then why not give monk fruit a try. Also known as Luo Han Guo, the plant is harvested for its fruit extract, which is known as mogrosides. This is able to create a sweet flavour that is 250 times stronger than using sucrose - therefore a little goes a long way.


Cooking Oil

Although a natural derivative, vegetable oil contains unsaturated fats which oxidize when heated. Once this happens, they can trigger inflammation in the body which also creates blood-vessel plaques. These can be unstable enough to lead to a heart attack. A better option is coconut oil which contains natural saturated fats. These can encourage your body into burning fat, providing quick energy for your brain and body, and increasing the amount of good cholesterol in your body, reducing potential issues with your heart.



Although cheese can be a great source of calcium and protein, it is also often high in salt and saturated fats, which can lead to high blood pressure and high cholesterol. A better option is to swap your parmesan cheese in pasta for nutritional yeast.



We all love a good stir fry, but soy sauce contains significant amounts of amines. These can lead to headaches, blood pressure changes and stomach problems. Instead, why not give coconut aminos a go - this savory, salty sauce is made from the fermented sap of coconut palm, mixed with some sea salt for extra flavoring. 


Have you tried any of these healthy grocery swaps in your kitchen? These good-for-you ingredients are some staples that we use in Basiligo’s meal plans


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