3 Reasons Why You Can't Out Train a Bad Diet?

by Elloww Team

If you are someone who goes hogging a carb-heavy and calorie-rich dinner assuming that one extra gym-day would make the one bad move all go away, this is for you. Hitting the gym after failing your diet will not undo what you have consumed. Starving or over-feeding your body will not only make your body unhealthy but can also lead to irreversible damage. 

 Make or break your overall health

Exercise is important, but exercise cannot compensate for a bad diet. The role of exercising is as important as the role of a good diet. It’s not as simple as calories in and calories out. (Wish it was that simple!). Our body derives energy & nutrients from each ingredient/ dish in a different way. Hence, the quality of the food you have impacts your overall activity. On the other hand, if you burn a significant amount of calories doing exercise, and you don’t get tempted by food, you will lose weight. 

Exercise is what sustains weight loss, but a supportive nutrition plan is what drives it. Here are the 3 key reasons why diet and exercise should go hand-in-hand. 

  • Your amount of exercise will likely not make-up for the indulgent meal.

  • Fueling your body with junk and expecting it to perform the same as before – doesn’t work.

  • Not eating nutrient-dense food would make you feel tired and no energy left to hit the gym.

What’s the smart decision to make? Plan your fitness regime well and supplement your workouts with a good diet. See your body transform in no time. Burn the fat, feed the muscle.