12 keto and paleo-friendly UAE restaurants

by Elloww Team

People sure are interested in the Keto diet here in the UAE: Searches for ketogenic have shot up more than 1,000 percent in the UAE over the last three years, according to survey for the new year conducted by digital marketing suite SEMrush.. And while lots of people may be eating paleo, the same survey found searches for that way of eating have fallen by 19 percent in the same period.

The ketogenic diet recommends heaps of fats, moderate protein and low carbs, while the paleo diet advocates eating like our ancestors did, meaning a mix of fats and proteins, and very few carbs.

We’ve rounded up a few of the best keto and paleo bites in the UAE below. But before you throw out all that bread, most experts caution against following either dirt to an extreme extent. Ultimately, moderation is always best. Even when it comes to turkey bacon avocado eggs made in butter.

Basiligo has some of the most delicious meal plans around at their Reem Island location, so it’s no surprise they do a good job on paleo and keto. Think cheddar cheese crisps for snacking, Keto Breakfast Cheeseburger and Beef and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms or Seared White Fish with walnut brussels sprout salad for lunch or dinner.

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