Yalla : Really living deliciously with Basiligo

A few weeks ago, the Yalla team, busy as ever, decided to have a team meeting over lunch. Instead of one of us doing our normal last minute empty the fridge salads or bringing in sandwiches, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch delivered by Basiligo. And billing themselves as ‘Living Deliciously’ is, we are delighted to say, completely and utterly true. Lunch was a real treat and here’s why.

Chile-Roasted Chicken & Sweet Potato with Cilantro RiceHaving good appetites and wanting to sample the different types of food that Basiligo offer we had delivered:

• Kale Salad with quinoa, pistachios and pomegranate seeds
• Spicy Thai basil chicken curry with coconut lemongrass rice
• Chilli roasted chicken & sweet potato with chilantro rice
• Mini salads and wraps
• Veggie mushroom soba noodles sushi burrito
• Hot chicken sushi burrito


Really living deliciously with Basiligo

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