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Amisa Chickpea Flour 400g

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  • Certified Organic
  • Great source of protein and fibre
  • Naturally gluten free
  • Ideal to use when making hummus, falafel and flat breads
  • Suitable for vegans

Organic chick pea flour.



3/4 Cup Chickpea flour 2 1/2 Cups water 3 cloves garlic 1/4 Cup water or stock for blending 1/4 Cup Tahini 1 lemon, juice only 1/4 Cup olive oil Pinch of ground cumin Pinch of salt and pepper Dash of hot sauce


The thing about chickpea flour is that it can take in a lot of water. So start out by bringing the water in the recipe to a simmer in a pan and then add the flour. It’ll look like a small amount compared to the water, but it’ll swell pretty quickly. Whisk it continuously for a few minutes until it starts to thicken. Don’t worry if it has some lumps. They will smooth out when you process it.

Keep stirring until it’s pretty thick, about 8-10 minutes over low heat should do the trick.
Then mix the chickpea paste with all the other ingredients in a food processor.

Just give this all a whirl and don’t forget to add in your oil and extra water or stock. It should be really creamy and delicious.

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