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Alpro Soya Milk for Professionals 1L

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100% plant-based Suitable for vegans & vegetarians Lactose and Dairy Free Contains soya Nutritious and a source of high-quality soya protein Plant-based soya alternative to milk. Specially blended for coffee, it helps you to make the perfect soya cappuccinos and lattes for your customers.

Water, hulled soya beans (6,5%), apple extract, acidity regulators (monopotassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate), calcium (calcium carbonate), maltodextrin, sea salt, stabiliser (gellan gum), vitamins (e, d2, riboflavin (b2), b12) .



200 ml Alpro Soya ‘For Professionals’ 20 ml cardamom syrup 1-2 shots espresso coffee 1 tbsp sugar free caramel syrup


1. Add the caramel and cardamom to a latte glass. 2. Pour over the espresso. 3. Steam the Alpro Soya ‘For Professionals’ to 65°C. 4. Pour over the mixture and serve.

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