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We are Online Market of organic fruits, vegetables, juices and dried fruits. Visit site for a complete list of exclusive we are stocking.

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Do you follow the athletes diet plan to lose or maintain your weight? Our athletes plans can do all the hard work for you! Our athletes diet plans are prepared with delicious full-fat dairy options with an abundance of athletes-approved ingredients, and protein to fulfill your nutritional requirements.

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Nutritionally designed meals

The healthy meal plans in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al-Ain that are delivered by Basiligo are carefully prepared using the highest quality ingredients. Our meals are guaranteed to be fresh, and are never cooked using frozen items!

During preparation, ketogenic and paleo principles are followed to prevent the onset of chronic diseases. Nutritionist approved calories calculations and macro nutrients measured.

Delivered ready-to-eat

All meals are delivered ready to eat and crafted to taste great cold or heated up. All your food for the day will be delivered in an eco-friendly jute cooler bag. No preparation or cooking needed.

Life-changing results

Our programs focus on providing you food fuel that changes your metabolism, heals your gut, and enables weight loss. All plans are gluten free (except Athletes!). Prepared from scratch. No processed foods. No added refined sugars.

Your delicious healthy daily dishes

Fresh, healthy, gluten-free, premium ingredients and superfoods meals
Athletes eat and train, they don't diet and exercise

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