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Sirtfood Meal Plan

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A revolutionary plan for health, nutrition and weight loss.

Sirtfood diet is a process of consuming meals which are rich in “Sirtfood” ingredients, a newly discovered group of foods.

SirtFood Balanced Meals

According to the founders & health consultants Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, these special foods activate sirtuins in our body which are able to activate the same skinny genes in our bodies as fasting does. Through research it has also shown that it helps to regulate metabolism, increase muscle and burn fat, hence assisting in overall weight loss and keeping the body healthy.

Celebrities like Adele said the secret to her weight loss was going on Sirtfood diet. Other celebrities like Jodie Kidd, Lorraine Pascale and Sir Ben Ainslie has spoken about it.

Benefits of Sirtfood Diet:

  • Good for long-term weight-loss success
  • Would assist you in looking and feeling better, and have more energy
  • Prevent enduring severe fasting
  • Free from grueling exercise regime, but still recommended to do some exercise
  • A balanced diet for healthier, clean-eating, nutritious, disease-free life

So what are these magical “Sirtfood” ingredients?

  • Green Tea, Dark Chocolate which is minimum 85% Cocoa, Apples, Citrus Fruits, Parsley, Turmeric, Kale, Blueberries, Capers, celery, buckwheat, walnuts, medjool dates, soy, strawberries, extra virgin olive oil, red onion, walnuts, coffee, green tea, red chicory, rocket / aragula leaves
  • Sirt Juice : Kale, rocket leaves, parsley, celery, green apple, lemon, matcha green tea.
  • Our dishes are made keeping the principle of Sirtfood diet and are rich in sirtfood ingredients. We have compiled a menu which includes all other vegetables and protein which gives a balanced approached to our meal plan program.

What do I get, what does it include, how do I follow?

Sirtfood Meal Plan is a 14 days set menu Meal Plan.
Plant based options are also available.

  • 1 of  Organic Larder Green Tea Box of 16bags + 2 of 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bars
  • First 3-days : 3 Sirt Juices & 1 Sirtfood each day (800 to 950kcal)
  • Next 4-days : 2 Sirt Juices & 2 Sirtfood each day (1000 to 1200kcal)
  • Next 7-days : 1 Sirt Juice & 3 Sirtfood each day (1200 to 1500kcal)

Sirt Juices can be consumed early morning, afternoon and evening. Its recommended the first 7 days meals to be taken before 7pm. We recommend not to finish your meal if you are already feeling full, with Sirtfoods having natural satiating effects its natural the food to make you pleasantly satisfied and full.

Also recommended to have a cup or two of Green tea. And a bite or two of dark +85% chocolate.

Before you subscribe, please note the following

  1. The above mentioned Sirtfood ingredients would be available in most of the dishes. So we cannot remove any of those ingredients.
  2. Options for each day and meal is limited
  3. Sirt Juices cannot be replaced with any other juices
  4. Customization is limited
  5. No Friday Deliveries : Please note we dont do Friday deliveries, so you would receive 2 bags on Thursday. Once for Thursday consumption and the other for Fridays.
  6. You can only book starting Sunday. Bookings are open for 31st May, 7th June & 14th June only
  7. If you wish to cancel anytime between the period, there would no refund.
  8. If you are on our current meal plan, we cannot pause your existing plan or change the plan to Sirtfood plan. But your booking will be of priority even if we fill in all available slots.

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Thank you all for subscribing and making our sirtfood plans a huge success!

Stay tuned for the next launch date of this special edition meal plan. As a Limited Edition plan, the next launch date will be soon. Please leave your email to be notified of the release dates.

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