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Intermittent fasting
immunity plan

Basiligo's Ready-to-eat meals
following the 16:8 Method

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Intermittent fasting Immunity plan is a nutritionist designed plan from Basiligo to ensure weight-loss through the principles of intermittent fasting while balancing it with juice to boost immunity.

What is it?

  • The Intermittent Fasting Immunity Plan is a high protein, moderate fat & low carb diet.
  • Includes: snack, lunch, dinner & 1 cold pressed juice.
  • Calorie intake during the plan is between 1100 Kcal to 1350 Kcal.
  • 6 days a week for 18 days straight plan.

How Does it work?

  • Intermittent immunity fasting plan has various methods. We recommended the 16:8 method.
    You will fast for 16 hours and eat during the remaining 8 hours.
  • Your first meal of the day will be lunch at around 12 to 1 pm.
    Your next and last meal will be dinner at about 7 to 8 PM.
  • We recommend breaking your fast by having the snack first.
  • First 2 days of the plan include 1-main-meal & 2 cold-pressed juices. Calories for these 2 days are between 800 to 1100 Kcal.
  • The rest of the 16 days include: snack, lunch, dinner & 1 cold-pressed juice.

What's in the Goodies-box?

  • Just because you are fasting, does not mean you need to be restrictive in everything! We offer a box filled with snacks & goodies.
  • Includes: Green Tea, Detox Tea Box, Organic Walnuts, Nuzest Golden Protein Pea Powder - Coffee Flavour, Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener (add to tea or coffee), Dark Chocolate & MCT Oil worth 175 AED.

Rules of the game

  • Day 7 is considered the cheat day, but we recommend not to indulge in high calorie foods.
  • Zero calorie drinks are only allowed during the fasting.
  • During the fast, permitted beverages are: tea or coffee without sugar or milk. Only sweetener allowed is monk fruit.


You should not rely on this meal plan as a substitute for, or a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult your physician or health-care provider if you before starting any diet plan or you have concerns about your health. Intermittent fasting is a controversial way to eat. It is not suitable for diabetic, pregnant or lactating women, children or anyone with eating disorders.


  • Vegan or Vegetarian Menu not available on this plan
  • No Weekly or Trial plan available -We cannot do menu without cooked onions or cooked garlic or tomato sauce
Sample Menu

Start My Plan

18 days (6 days/week)
(158 AED per day)

24 days (6 days/week)
(158 AED per day)

18 days Plan Included
Snack, Lunch, Dinner & cold-pressed juice
2844 AED

24 days Plan Included
Snack, Lunch, Dinner & cold-pressed juice
3792 AED

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